From an iPhone 4 to a Lumia 925

by tofucoder

My first and only smartphone up to now is/was my iPhone 4. I had it for almost four years now. Since it won’t get an update to iOS 8 and 700 to 800 euros for an iPhone 6 this fall are a lot of money, I decided to give Windows Phone a try and bought a Lumia 925. Here are some thoughts after 1 day of Windows Phone 8.1 (in the eyes of a longterm iOS User)

Moving my Contacts

The first thing I wanted to do was to have all my contacts from my iPhone on my Lumia. After some googeling I decided to export all my Contacts to my GMail account and sync them from there. Something synced, but none of my synced contacts had a phone number (bad for contacts on a phone). Next thing I tried was to transfer my GMail contacts to and sync them with my Lumia. This had the same effect: phone numbers on, but not on my smartphone. Luckily I saw that Windows Phone offered an option to sync with good old iCloud, so I entered my Apple ID and there were my contacts (and they had phone numbers).

Apps, Apps, Apps

Yes, this is still an issue with windows phone:

  • No official App for my Sonos system. I didn’t bother to try any of the alternate Apps, because I still have my iPad to control my Sonos.
  • No official Dropbox Apps
  • No Google Apps (not even Authenticator, so I have to change something with my two factor authentication)
  • 1Password misses a lot of features, but at least I can further use it. And its free on Windows Phone (which compensates for the lack of features)
  • Threema. I read that a Windows Phone is in development, but until it is released I have to use WhatsApp again.

What I am still missing

Two things:

  • The gesture to go back and forth in history introduced in iOS 7. Far better than the dedicated button on the Lumia.
  • Being able to use the phone with one hand only.

The Upsides

The Modern UI is definitely an eye catcher and a welcome change to four years of a 4×4 grid of icons. The Lumia 925 is a lot faster then my old iPhone and the camera ¬†should be a lot better too (had no chance for a comparison so far).

I will definitely give it a shot for the next few months (at least until the iPhone 6 is out), then I will decide If I go back to  iOS or not.